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Providing professional staff to keep you smiling®

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Client Testimonials

  • Good afternoon,

    I want to thank Ask4Care, especially Ronak, for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with an amazing staff as well as working with the incredible kids I’ve come to know and love! Because of you I have learned and grown so much already in the child and youth care field. I only hope, once again, to leave you guys a good note and maybe in the future I could come back to the agency once I come back to Toronto and am looking for employment again!

    Thanks again so very much,

    Sara W

    Group Home Support Staff - Toronto

  • Good Morning, Adnan.

    A.P., BCCL On-Call manager sent me an email (see below) commending C.A. for the exemplary support she provides to people supported by Brampton Caledon Community Living, more recently, the supports of D.M.

    Allow me to echo A.P's remarks: C.A. is to be commended for her dedication and commitment to people, but as well the exemplary manner in which she approaches her work..

    I ask that you share our views and comments with C.A. and if you wish, place my email in her personnel file with your company.


    Charles Rego & Debra Rose

    CLS Director

  • Zely B.
    Speech-Language Pathologist Hi Mustafa and Stephanie, I really appreciated the opportunity to train Harpreet in person this morning.  Thank you again for re-arranging the PSW schedule for today! It was really worth it.  Harpreet is intelligent and willing, and we covered a lot of ground this morning. I will need to keep switching between her and Inderjit, in order to keep them both at the same level. Inderjit is a wonderful PSW, and I know that she communicates with Harpreet on a regular basis.  But, when it comes to training for language, cognition, voice-output device use, and motor-speech, I believe that direct training with the S-LP is best, whenever possible. To this end, I was wondering if Harpreet could be assigned to mornings when possible?  It would be great for SD to get the consistency of care, and also the consistency of having a well-trained PSW, whenever possible. Thank you so much if this can be done!
    Zely B.
    Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Rachelle D.
    I commend Ask4Care for being able to supply a PSW at very short notice. Few agencies were able to do so and you were the first to confirm availability. Timely and professional. Thank you. Keep it up!
    Rachelle D.
  • Archana M. (client’s daughter)
    Ask4care has been extremely professional, reliable and supportive in our time of need. The staff as well as the support workers have been exemplary. The Ask4care team worked with our family by ensuring that – great care is taken to understand out needs and provide the appropriate care and right fit for the family. – the family’s needs are always taken into account as part of scheduling. – there are no gaps in the schedule and we can always expect a reliable, responsible and timely care giver. – they keep in touch with us to ensure that our needs are being met. – they provide us with competitive rates. – there is always a live person available to address any need that may arise. We greatly appreciate your services.
    Archana M. (client’s daughter)
    Client’s daughter
  • Deanna Lyver
    What benefit/feature do you like most about Ask4Care staffing services? Ask4Care is dependable and reliable, they are always reachable around the clock 24/7/365. They even have their top-management team accessible 24/7 for any escalation that warrants immediate attention. Please mention three other benefits/features that you like about Ask4Care services? Ask4Care has demonstrated incredible resourcefulness along with a remarkable ability to find the right candidates to suit our business needs. We have successfully filled many part-time and full-time positions at BCCL through Ask4Care support staff. Ask4Care can effectively propagate its organisational culture and values to every single staff member that works there from the very top, right down to the grass root level. We utilize other agencies but find that the quality of the people and the customer service provided by ASK4CARE is exemplary. Would you like to add anything else about Ask4Care? I would like to encourage the team at ASK4CARE to continue producing consistent results and I’d like to express our sincere appreciation for the value they bring to our organization.
    Deanna Lyver
    CHRL, Human Resource Manager, Brampton Caledon Community Living
  •  Lydia
    Hi, I truly do appreciate the service you are providing.
    G Program Manager Christian Horizons | West District
  •  Nazeem L
    Thanks for all the support staffing over the last 5 months and I appreciate working cohesively with you.
    Nazeem L
    Program Manager West District. Christian Horizons
  • Blanche M
    Jose is in a nursing home – I would like to say THANK YOU for your services, he also enjoyed the cooking. However, if I need your services in the future, I will contact you.
    Blanche M
  • Vivienne E.
    Hello Management, A pleasant morning. On Sunday August 7th, 2016. Your staff P Bennett worked the 8 am to 4 pm shift and continued on with 4 pm to 12 am shift. During the 4 pm to 12 am shift one of the people we serve needed medical attention that was life threatening, as a result of P’s quick thinking the EMS team were called. I make this point known to you as I strongly believe that when credit is due it should be recognized.
    Vivienne E.
    Senior Manager ,Community Living Supports, Brampton Caledon Community Living
  • Mrs Oladipopu
    When all the other calls we made to other agencies went to voice mail, your courteous and professional staff not only picked up the phone and listened to us; they also re-assured us of the staff we were going to receive. We are truly thankful for the last minute arrangement and on-going support your workers provide to our son on a daily basis.
    Mrs Oladipopu
    Clients Mother
  • Mrs Vannayappa
    Thank you so much for providing staff at the eleventh hour when we were unable to get anyone. We really appreciate your follow up and the staff you sent us was wonderful and attentive of my ailing husband’s needs.
    Mrs Vannayappa
  • Mrs Wilson
    I was heart-broken after my Father’s stroke; knowing he will never walk again was difficult to accept. I’m so glad I made that first call to your company and ever since you have helped me get my life back together and made my dad feel independent again.
    Mrs Wilson

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