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Recruitment and Staffing

The population is increasing rapidly in Canada, so the demand for healthcare services and healthcare workers like Personal support workers, Nurses, The rapist also rapidly increasing and in most communities, the demand significantly outweighs the available supply.

There are many support workers graduating every 6 months to a year in Canada depending on which study program and school/college they choose.

The choice of staff from a consumer standpoint is out there, however only the best of the best is considered by family members that are in need of compassionate care and support for loved ones.

In Canada, some people believe it best to find support and care workers by themselves which can be done by posting ads on online classified sites like Kijiji or Craigslist or any other social media platform as they want to save some money and take the cheap, unsecure and sometimes more costly route as opposed to trusting Healthcare recruiters Canada.

Some people play it safe and bet on the many Healthcare recruitment and staffing services Canada out there that are licensed, bonded and insured and will stand by the family until they are completely satisfied with the staff presented to care for a loved one. These families do understand the benefits of using agencies as they don’t want to risk robbery, assault or in some cases murder dealing with personal staffing off online sites with no credential or background criminal checks nor any insurance.


Recruitment and Staffing Services


There are always some pros and cons to every situation. But from my personal experience, there are no cons to hiring a service provider for your staffing needs. And another side there any many cons to finding a support worker on your own in the thoughts that you will save some money. Nowadays we hear of tons of fraud cases where families were robbed or murdered for a few hundred dollars, why take the risk with life and security when there are several Staffing solutions agency options available.

Staffing and recruitment are the most important and valuable part of every organization. All the organizations have their own staffing and recruitment process. As a recruitment and scheduling specialist at our healthcare organization, we use the Full life cycle recruitment Process.

Where we use 9 steps to recruit the best candidates from the pool available out there… such as (1) Job announcement on job placement website, social media as well as career school and college platforms. (2) Screening application – here we checked Experience and Education. (3) shortlisted candidates for telephonic interview. (4) Invite them for a personal interview – Written or job-related Question and answer (5) Background check – valid and updated Certificates like. Diploma (Based on Requirements), Standard first aid and CPR, Police clearance, medical records, etc.… (6) Reference check at Least 3 Professional References. A most important part of the recruitment process. (7) invite them to sign the contract as well policy and procedure (8) send them our standard welcome package (9) Organize orientation and onboarding to our system.

Below is the full life cycle recruitment process. That’s the one most important reason for people to choose a healthcare service provider for family members to care and support. And, no need to worry about worker payments and scheduling. As this is all the agencies responsibility to provide you with all solutions at one stop shop, so in Canada, you can find staffing solutions very easily with their 24/7 customer support service.

To sum up, Health is wealth, and nobody wants to compromise with health to save some be confident and choose the best healthcare service provider for your loved one.

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