Staff Appreciation

  Congratulations Victoria Idhen!
  ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for March 2019!


In a team-based environment, Victoria has had a significant impact and welcomed every shift given, without considering the time, hour, minute and seconds. In all these critical and difficult situations, Victoria has been there giving maximum care, support and services to the resident whom  Ask4Care Support Services Inc. cherish and respect. A Support worker like Victoria can handle each situation and deserves an applaud.

Victoria is a staff with vision to high sight, the raising of your performance to a higher standard, the building of your personality beyond NORMAL. We indeed appreciate all these qualities, Support and Services you provide. You are a positive influence to the team.



Congratulations Can Li !
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for February 2019!


“Can Li – Registered Practical Nurse at  Ask4Care Support Services Inc.  has incredible work ethic and an amazing attitude, never complaining and always smiling. She is a fabulous employee, a huge asset to  Ask4Care Support Services Inc. and is so deserving of this award and recognition. 

Can Li is very flexible and always willing to do whatever is needed to get the done work. She has managed situations well in pressure conditions and client have appreciated her skills in managing the things in a Professional way. She is playing an important role in the continued relationship between  Ask4Care Support Services Inc. and the Client.



Congratulations Sasireka Vijayakumar!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for January 2019!


Appreciation builds a strong company culture that is magnetic to both current and prospective employees at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. 

Sasireka is an employee that takes the lead with a positive outlook on all situations, for instance the cold and icy Canadian weather. For some it puts a strain on attending shifts accordingly; that isn’t the case for Sasireka, she would not let anything get in the way of her perfect attendance record. Her impeccable ability to maneuver schedules around to ensure each shift is covered guides a sense of relief to the scheduling team at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. 

Sasireka you are truly an inspiration to the team and have a very important role in the company.  We are proud to have you as the first employee of the month of 2019!




Congratulations Jubi Camba!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for December 2018!


It has been a long time coming that Jubi C. would become the employee of the month for December.
His ability to coordinate his schedule, balancing his work and family life to take on last minute shifts consistently astonishes the HR team at Ask4Care Support Services Inc.
Jubi is one of the friendliest, approachable staff who always walks with a smile on his face no matter the circumstances.





Congratulations Manpreet Boparai!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for November 2018


When a Registered Practical Nurse like Manpreet makes such a significant impact on someone’s life it is hard to find the right words to convey your appreciation for them.

Manpreet demonstrates incredible compassion, clinical competency and outstanding leadership while working with residents and staff.  Her up-to date knowledge on new medical devices requires a multitude of skills yet, she always seeks to expand her clinical skills to improve further.

Manpreet is an exemplary role model for both new and seasoned nurses alike. She is a cherished, warm hearted staff and Ask4Care Support Services Inc. will always continue to provide training in support of her career.




Congratulations Ran Jing!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for October 2018 


“Ran Jing – RPN & Team Lead at the private care nursing facility has gone above and beyond in her duties of providing exceptional service to the clients at the facility. Her friendly attitude and excellent work ethic alongside her dedication to her work has enabled the nursing facility’s first floor to run in an efficient and smooth since its partnership started with Ask4Care Support Services Inc  in 2018.

Ran Jing has also been instrumental in providing training to new staff at the facility and has never shied away from being approached for help by the new staff when required. Her ability to communicate effectively with all the current staff at the nursing facility has been an important factor in the continued successful relationship between Ask4Care Support Services Inc and the client.





Congratulations Emma Armah!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for September 2018


For the Month of September, we would like to congratulate Emma Armah, as our top Employee of the month. Emma has been an integral part of the Ask4Care Support Services Inc family. She has shown excellent worth ethic throughout her tenure with Ask4Care Support Services Inc. Emma is a well diverse staff who always puts her best foot forward, to assure the highest quality of work. Emma’s commitment and determination speaks volumes in the multiple homes that she supports. Her work ethic is immaculate, over exceeding the expectations of her duties, never loosing sight of the importance of keeping the people supported in mind.




Congratulations Abiola Bello!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for August 2018


Bello is a compassionate and dedicated staff that has utilized her enthusiasm and motivation to enhance the experience of special needs individuals.
Bello, your contribution towards the company has been magnificent in your short time here with us at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. It is employees like you due to which Ask4Care Support Services Inc. has achieved such success. We are so proud to have you as part of our work family and hope that you keep up the good work for many years to come! Wishing you the best for continued success!”






Congratulations Inderjit K!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for July 2018


There are no words to express our gratitude to all the support staff at Ask4Care Support Services Inc.

Inderjit is our top RPN(Registered Practical Nurse) in the private care division of Ask4Care Support Services Inc..

Inderjit possesses the knowledge and the ability to perform all duties required of a nurse, and she goes above and beyond to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible. She is caring, patient, empathetic, and respectful to the staff, the residents, and their family members.

For example, one of our clients was in a major life changing accident a few years back. He was completely paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to walk. After tremendous effort from Inderjit the client has made amazing progress in recovery with the support of our trained professionals he has begun to walk with assistance.

Even though Inderjit was not in that professional capacity, referring to the fact that she is not a rehabilitation therapist or speech pathologist she gained the core competencies and adapted to those roles.

I have personally seen the way that Inderjit lights up with that beautiful smile as she explains the milestones that the client has conquered. Inderjit’s happiness genuinely comes from the progress of the supported.



Congratulations Constance A!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for June 2018

At Ask4Care Support Services Inc. our largest asset by far are our front-line workers that touch several thousand families each year.

Each individual support staff makes a valuable contribution to all aspects of the community. We would like to Congratulate Constance A, Ask4Care’s Employee of the month for June. Constance is one of our longest working and cherished staff.

Known as a natural leader paving the way in the healthcare environment, Constance is motivated to do the best that she can. She gladly looks forward to any additional training that may advance her skills, and without a doubt is an asset to not only the homes and residents she is supporting but also to the Human Resources and scheduling team at Ask4Care.

With her impeccable work ethic, flexibility, and availability to take on last minute on call shifts she stands out among her peers.
Constance will not only answer 99.9 % of our phone calls, but she would also shuffle her entire schedule to help fill last minute shifts.
The Ask4Care management genuinely appreciates what you do, and the efforts are highly recognized.



Congratulations Nordia S!
ASK4CARE Employee of The Month for May 2018

We appreciate the determination Nordia has put into her work as a Personal Support Worker and how she has grown her career since she joined Ask4Care Support Services Inc. Nordia has displayed a great passion to learn and grow professionally, exceeding the employee of the month expectations and criteria.

As Ask4Care Support Services Inc. grows and achieves new milestones we are excited to see our team efforts towards our organization goals.

We never fail to notice the hard work of our staff, and we are delighted to inform the team that we will be continuing the recognition, every month with exciting new gifts of gratitude.






At ASK4CARE we aren’t just another agency – we are “YOUR” agency.

Our commitment is not only to our clients but also to our loving family of staff that comprise our front-line workers, temps, FTEs, PTEs administration and contract staff.

We show our generous appreciation by hosting Staff dinners, Annual Achievement awards, Quarterly Achievement awards, surprise bonuses and Employee recognition certificates including EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.













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